Social Media Rookie

I’m no pro at this social media thing, but I am learning.  And—if I’m not mistaken—I’m getting better. It’s tough to update several social media sites with the same information all at once, but it’s important to follow through with that plan because different people are exposed to you on different sites. HootSuite is a good way to organize all of your social media sites in one.

Aside from the struggle to consistently update all of my social media sites, I am still working on accepting that hashtags and mentions work universally. Prior to obtaining a Twitter account, I was one of those Facebook users that got annoyed with people talking “Twitter-like” on Facebook. I didn’t know why they were using hashtags and the “@” symbol. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized little symbols like “#”, “@” and “+” are all means of connectivity. I now use these symbols universally.

Currently I have personal Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and WordPress accounts that I update regularly. I also run the Syracuse University Twitter account (@CuseCheer), a food blog Twitter account with a friend (@textbookstaste) and two Twitter accounts for my ESPN Radio internship (@SyracuseLegends) and (@ESPNIHSS). I would say that Twitter is my favorite social media site and definitely the one that is most used by me. With that being said, I am most comfortable with Twitter and that is why I feel capable of running accounts for several professional groups.

Social media is beneficial for me to learn as a journalist because it will help me in the real world. I have already used it to get in contact with sources for stories and to obtain contact information for important people that need to be reached for comment. I will continue to expand my social media resume to make me a more competitive candidate for a journalism job in the future.

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