Storify | Dalai Lama visits Syracuse University

  1. The second discussion panel on Monday, Oct. 8 included A.R. Rahman; Roxana Saberi; Martin Luther King III; His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso; Mohamed ElBaradei and Shirin Ebadi. Ann Curry was the moderator.
  2. sunamii
    RT @dr4ward: His Holiness the @DalaiLama & @ElBaradei discussing what it means to truly be a global citizen #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:42:47
  3. HannahRose41
    Liel Kolet and Arab/Israeli children sing together “I believe in the dream of tomorrow.” #CGPglobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:46:47
  4. katelynnmoreau
    WOW, what an amazing experience thank you to the @DalaiLama @SyracuseU and all of the other panel members. #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:53:45
  5. elainaleigh12
    RT @EvaMZymaris: His Holiness the @DalaiLama bowing to the crowd. What an incredible event. #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:54:04
  6. What were some of the topics discussed?
  7. acptachi
    “It’s only by giving that you can receive” Mohamed ElBaradei #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:08:22
  8. stostman
    So spoiled with all these professional images from #CGPglobal! See my (work-in-progress) @DalaiLama pinboard here:
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:14:18
  9. AroraMedia
    RT @ProfHB: RT @auntietyn: “I’m a Buddhist, but I’m also a human being. That’s more important!” @DalaiLama #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:09:13
  10. GoodSpeaks
    RT @bmooreinspired: The violence that we are exposed to allures us to sleep. #MLK #CGPglobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:09:57
  11. OhYeahCHELSEAA
    Find the good in people #CGPGlobal -Martin Luther King 3rd
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:10:54
  12. NewsHouseLive
    “If we use these technologies for positive purposes, for peace, then these instruments are very, very helpful.” -@DalaiLama #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:15:28
  13. PARKing2twit
    Use of modern technology for peace would be very meaningful -#Dalailama #CGPglobal #NewhouseSM6
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:16:19
  14. lysmiron
    RT @HannahRose41: Technology is “very very helpful” when used for positive purposes, but can also facilitate violence and anger. #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:16:48
  15. Some of the most inspiring quotes to take away from the discussion panel.
  16. zoeytopper
    “Be the change you want to see” – A.R. Rahman #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:12:49
  17. JenniferRPluta
    RT @NewsHouseLive: “We live in a nation where we preach peace, but we unfortunately practice war.” -Martin Luther King III #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:10:50
  18. relinowes
    RT @SUSqueeze: “It comes back to having a pure heart, and pure motivation.” – @AnnCurry #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:16:56
  19. GoodSpeaks
    @DalaiLama Without basic secular ethics, then religion will create a biased attitude #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:27:58
  20. acptachi
    “With a biased attitude, you can’t see other things objectively” @DalaiLama #CGPGlobal
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 12:29:31
  21. One World Concert on Tuesday night
  22. DR4WARD
    #oneworldconcert 1500 tweets generated 6,607,287 impressions reaching an audience of 3,265,552 followers within the past 24 hrs
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:07:00
  23. minimeeer
    RT @JessieJoy518: Dalai Lama at ‘Cuse! #oneworldconcert #bleedorange ��✊
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 08:18:50
  24. miriamrossi05
    no words needed @dalailama #oneworldconcert
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:51:12
  25. musicsouleterno
    AWESOME 🙂 hee #OneWorldConcert #Music #DalaiLama #DaveMatthews sending love to all the world, much ❤ #LoveAndLight
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 07:46:21
  26. OCCLPKellySmith
    #OneWorldConcert @DalaiLama @davejmatthews @emmanueljal @countingcrows @tenzindhonden and many other voices 4 #Peace
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 02:58:15
  27. don_watkins
    #Keepsake #oneworldconcert #dalailama #syracuseuniversity @ Franklinville, NY
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 04:49:08
  28. syracusedotcom
    Dalai Lama delights crowd of 24,000 at @SyracuseU’s #OneWorldConcert
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 06:38:07
  29. lindsaybarton7
    RT @laurenfabrizi #OneWorldConcert had 6.5 million impressions and reached 3.2 million people last night #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:45:04
  30. KristenOLeary2
    Dalai Lama #OneWorldConcert #com117.22
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 10:41:16
  31. Claudia_KillJoy
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama. #oneworldconcert
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 11:21:32
  32. TulaGo
    @arrahman: Thank you so much for coming to @SyracuseU for #OneWorldConcert. What an honor for us! #khwajaji #kunfayakun
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 09:45:14
  33. NWFTWeekend
    #notwaitingfortheweekend at the @1worldconcert It was awesome! The Dalai Lama was so inspiring. #oneworldconcert
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 09:24:26
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