Kate Brodock spoke to #NewhouseSM4 on Wednesday

  1. Typical of #NewhouseSM4 to access another leading innovator in the social media industry. This time our guest speaker came from within Syracuse University (@SyracuseU).
    Kate Brodock (@just_kate), executive director of digital and social media at SU, talked to #NewhouseSM4 today about the university’s social media plan and process. She talked about her personal experiences with social media at the higher education level, her decision to implement a student social media team and what social media channels SU is actively using and why.
    Brodock began her journey at SU in August of 2011 as the first employee at the university who was solely concentrated on social media. By accepting pioneer position, Brodock had a lot of freedom, but some other coworkers and her thought the best option for the university’s social media presence was to add to the existing communications plan that the school was already implementing. She worked closely with the university’s PR and marketing departments to add to and build off of the already existing plan. She saw the social media integration as an extension to the plan that was already in effect.
    Brodock said she and her team chose to implement a student social media team for a number of reasons. She said having students tweet is a more authentic way of interacting with other students, faculty, staff, alumni, perspective students and others affiliated or interested in SU. Brodock also said having students tweet from the account heightens school spirit because the students are so enthused. Brodock turned to the student team—that is made up of involved, well-rounded students—instead outsourcing and finding a third party source to run the channels in order to evoke school spirit and provide insider information from university experts, students.
    Brodock said SU has over 700 official social media channels, but of the 700, nearly one-third of them are inactive. Some of the social media channels that are used the most are Twitter (@SyracuseU), Facebook, Pinterest and foursquare. These four platforms are monitored closely by students and each have a different purpose. Brodock said when a major PR issue occurs, the social media channels are hit first and they are hit hard.
    Brodock’s presentation was an interesting behind-the-scences look at how social media at SU is run. I appreciated the opinions she provided about which social media platforms are the most important to be active on and how to be consistent and not repetitive over several channels.
    Check out my #storify of the event—
    As always, #NewhouseSM4 was excited about Kate Brodock’s presentation. We love hearing from SM professionals.
  2. adelynlee
    just_kate in #newhousesm4 today. In charge of setting up digital and social media strategy @ Costas Corner http://instagr.am/p/RLMNftk3BD/
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:19:38
  3. adelynlee
    RT @danconnors1: Excited to listen to Kate Brodock speak today. Topic – how we use social media at the university. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:22:30
  4. daniemarieodie
    Learning how social media fits into a organization like @SyracuseU and other large for-profit and non-profits with @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:22:34
  5. jeannecloyd
    Guest speaker today in #newhousesm4 http://pic.twitter.com/Zdzkb264
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:35:55
  6. acptachi
    Excited to hear @just_kate, executive director of digital and social media @SyracuseU, speak to #NewhouseSM4 today
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:19:11
  7. josemoreno8792
    Welcome @just_kate to our #NewhouseSM4 class!
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:19:23
  8. Brodock talked about how Syracuse University uses social media and the decision to implement a student social media team that runs all the social media channels.
  9. adelynlee
    Team Structure for SM @SyracuseU : staff person for accounts, or a mix. a lot of choices to be made #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:22:10
  10. BrysanBrown
    Some schools use third party social/marketing companies to run social accounts. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:22:29
  11. DanConnors1
    Brodock said instead of using staff or third party to run SM accounts, she built a student team. Brings school spirit and love. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:22:53
  12. HannahRose41
    @just_kate explains that the students running SU’s social media have an “insane amount of daily school spirit and love.” #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:23:18
  13. katelynnmoreau
    Syracuse decided to create a student social media team in order to invoke school spirit and provide better insider information #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:23:35
  14. funkmastacrump
    Why use students in a social media strategy? They’re engaged, love their university, are well skilled and all around fabulous. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:23:46
  15. acptachi
    Engaged and “well-skilled” students are members of the “student social media team” @SyracuseU #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:24:14
  16. josemoreno8792
    Having a student team really gives the University’s account an authentic feel to it. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:25:29
  17. acptachi
    “Alumni love the idea that they are engaging with current students @SyracuseU and not a staff member” @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:25:09
  18. rachaelgrannell
    More fun can happen if you have students running SM accounts – @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:25:18
  19. How does SU use social media?
  20. daniemarieodie
    There’s lot of needed coordination between social media and already existing parts of an organization – @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:26:55
  21. beneg92
    Social media hasn’t been the forefront of marketing plans in education. I have a feeling that will be changing soon. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:27:01
  22. acptachi
    @just_kate was the first staff member who focused solely on sm and integrating it into the already existing communications plan #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:27:41
  23. lysmiron
    “It takes a mental shift to realize that social media channels need to be an integrated part of what your doing…” @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:27:41
  24. megangriffo
    #SM channels need to be integrated into what you’re already doing in your organization. Mental shift @just_kate is working at. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:28:00
  25. relinowes
    Branding is crucial. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:28:14
  26. laurenfabrizi
    “SU branding is just as important as if you were sending out multiple prints of a magazine every year” -@just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:28:49
  27. How can the use of social media help @SyracuseU’s PR department?
  28. jeannecloyd
    #SocialMedia has become the front line in #PR @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:29:06
  29. carlyrsignor
    Social Media gets hit with a PR crisis first 100% of the time. @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:29:15
  30. rachaelgrannell
    People will tweet about complaints way before they pick up the phone or write a letter: changes in public affairs @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:29:04
  31. katelynnmoreau
    If a PR crisis or any sort of emotion pops up for SU, the social media venues are the first to hear of it #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:29:06
  32. What is Syracuse University’s current presence in social media?
  33. adelynlee
    Four audiences for university social media channels: prospective students, current students, alumni, community members. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:32:00
  34. BrysanBrown
    #SU has 17,000 followers on #Twitter. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:31:27
  35. acptachi
    Thanks to the #OneWorldConcert, @SyracuseU’s #facebook page surpassed 100,000 likes. Over 50% are over the age of 25 #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:31:11
  36. katelynnmoreau
    50% of SU’s “likes on FB” are not college aged students and aren’t regionally located #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:31:25
  37. rachaelgrannell
    Can’t lie, I didn’t know there were multiple SU twitter accounts! Learning so much in #NewhouseSM4 with @just_kate
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:34:00
  38. beneg92
    .@SUCampus is a great twitter account to follow for events happening on campus. Focuses on people based in Syracuse. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:33:15
  39. BrysanBrown
    Students can go to @SUcampus to find out what’s happening on the #Syracuse campus. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:34:46
  40. josemoreno8792
    The @SUCampus account was created to provide students on campus news. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:34:49
  41. megangriffo
    . @SyracuseU has to consider incoming, current, and past students when creating #SM content. That’s difficult! #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:37:52
  42. relinowes
    None of our channels work unless we have content to share. – @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:37:53
  43. beneg92
    “There are over 700 SM accounts officially associated with this University. Almost 1/3rd of them are inactive.” -@just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:38:07
  44. rachaelgrannell
    One of our goals as @SyracuseU on SM is to create warm fuzzies @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:57:14
  45. adelynlee
    Removing SM the alumni market would only recieve magazines, emails and the occasional newsletter. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:58:06
  46. HannahRose41
    @SyracuseU has it’s best engagement via Twitter. “This is where we actually talk to people,” explains @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:01:38
  47. daniemarieodie
    Have to consider what type of content is going to work according to your platform @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:12:59
  48. Brodock wrapped-up her presentation by talking about #contentcuration and some sm channels that are helpful for the university—Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, Pinterest and Storify—and why.
  49. katelynnmoreau
    content curation is finding valuable content for your audience that you think will be meaningful to them #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:47:50
  50. rachaelgrannell
    Content Curation: it is very hard to position yourself as an expert when you use third party content @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:48:43
  51. megangriffo
    “I have not seen anybody do content curation like @DR4WARD does content curation.” – @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:48:52
  52. jLange25
    @DR4WARD you are the content curation master. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:48:49
  53. jeannecloyd
    Talking about finding the right balance between content creation and content curation in #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:50:49
  54. lindsaybarton7
    “People are digesting digital content in a different way than they were 5-10 years ago” @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:56:17
  55. lysmiron
    @Just_Kate is a big fan of #Storify (convenient since I’m live storifying this entire discussion) #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:51:30
  56. carlyrsignor
    “I love WordPress” -@just_kate. I love WordPress too!! #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:53:08
  57. adelynlee
    Social media allows for drip marketing, daily interaction with alumni and university community members #NewhouseSM4 via @just_kate
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:59:57
  58. snbouvia
    @SyracuseU engages with people the most on Twitter. I know I’ve been tweeted at by SU before. #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:02:40
  59. megangriffo
    “If you don’t think you’re on Foursquare, trust me you’re on Foursquare. You should probably get on Foursquare.” – @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:05:12
  60. lindsaybarton7
    “Just because Pinterest is a visual platform, doesn’t mean you can throw up any photo on there” @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:12:03
  61. Thanks for the presentation @just_kate! It was interesting to hear about SU’s social media process.
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6 thoughts on “Kate Brodock spoke to #NewhouseSM4 on Wednesday

  1. Great post, Alex! You gave a detailed recap of Kate’s presentation. As a suggestion, you could’ve described some of SU’s social media platforms in a bit more detail, like how the Facebook page surpassed 100,000 likes after the #OneWorldConcert. Other than that, good job! What was your favorite part of her presentation? #NewhouseSM4

  2. car3391 says:

    Great post! I love the layout of your blog!! #NewhouseSM4

  3. great post! i like that you included a bit about Kate’s background. #NewhouseSM4

  4. acptachi says:

    Thanks everyone! @lindsaybarton7 my favorite part of Kate’s presentation was when she talked about the creation of a student social media team. I think it’s a fascinating idea and really the best option for keeping students, staff, alumni, community members and perspective students informed and engaged.

  5. Lauren says:

    Nice recap! Love the opening line (we’re getting to be so spoiled with all these pro speakers!) Do you think the presence of social media for Syracuse University has come a long way since Brodock started her reign in 2011?

  6. Megan Griffo says:

    Nice post – Thought you did a nice job summing up her presentation in only a few paragraphs. Could you see yourself on a social media team in the future?

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