Say Whatcha Need To Say

People hold back and refuse to share what they really want to say, all too often. They’re afraid of embarrassment, humiliation and rejection. They fear torment, criticism and failure–but why?

Apparently there are some mind readers out there that know the truth, but in all seriousness–what you really want to say can’t be revealed unless you express it yourself.

I’m terrible at articulating myself. “Like” and “Um” come out in every sentence. It’s a bad habit–I understand that–but at least I attempt.

My real point of this is that I’m fed up with only hearing about the craziest of all crazy things to happen in the world. Everyone has something to share: something they’re proud of, something they enjoy, something only they can claim. The only way to unveil these special items, experiences, events and ideas is by sharing them.

I write. It’s what I like to do. When I’m bored, I write. I text my friends and family nonstop. I blog. I tweet. I comment on social media. I make to-do lists. I write articles. No matter what I’m doing, I’m writing. Some say it’s a gift, but believe it or not everyone has the ability to do the same thing–everyone can share their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It infuriates me when people say their story isn’t told; they’re left out of the media or underrepresented. Well represent yourself. It’s as easy as that. Are you tired of only hearing the negativity in the world? You don’t watch the news because “it’s depressing” “it’s so sad” “they only show the bad stuff.” Hate to break it to you, but that is the reality of today. If you want to hear the warm, fuzzy, fluffy, gushy stuff–share it.

With a little effort, everyone has the opportunity to say what he or she needs, and even wants, to say.

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