Five girls. 18 mirrors–remember that.

I was in my roommate’s room and I realized that the two full-length mirrors she had were a mirror maze themselves. One made you look short and stumpy, while the other made you look rather frail, you know, giraffe-like.

I expressed my concerns to my friend and she obviously told me she preferred the frail/giraffe-like mirror of the two in her room.

What is it about a glass reflection of ourselves that makes us believe it’s the ‘real deal’?

We’re all culprits of it–“Yeah, this is what I want to wear; I’m ready.” Go back into your room. Look in your mirror and realize your outfit isn’t as stellar as you thought. “Ugh, never mind, I look fat.”

Don’t worry we’ve all been there. For some reason one mirror is awesome, while another just straight up sucks. Which one is real? Neither. If you feel comfortable, flaunt it. The moment you feel uncomfortable, that’s when we’ve got an issue.

The issue could be solved if there were mirror standards–every mirror must meet strict restrictions so that no one is fooled. I think the fooling gimmick is a huge marketing scam though. I mean why else would my roommates and myself have nearly 20 mirrors in our four-story house?

I think I proved my point. Mirrors are deceiving. You can’t trust the reflection; you have to respect how you feel.

So, 18 mirrors and five girls, like I said before. That’s roughly 3.6 mirrors a person, which amounts to nearly four per bedroom (plus the eight or nine that my one roommate has broken and keeps stored in the attic space). Did I mention the other reflections–windows and glass doors–that girls so often use to check themselves out?

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One thought on “Mirrors

  1. Teresa Dodson says:

    Love this!!! It’s so true. I have 7 mirrors for 2 people. My favorite mirror is in your bedroom..

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