The Boxcar Press | Near Westside Newsletter

The Boxcar Press | Near Westside Newsletter

During the fall semester of my junior year, I took a news reporting class that focused on community beat reporting. For this class, we chose from a list of about six beats to cover. I chose the Near Westside of Syracuse because it seemed like it would be the most challenging.

The Near Westside is the most impoverished part of the city of Syracuse. It’s also home to a diverse population that loves art. Since I speak Spanish, I decided to cover this beat and tell the intense and humbling stories of the most underrepresented community of Syracuse.

The Near Westside residents are often hesitant to share their stories with a reporter because they only see their community in a negative light when journalists are involved. With an area involved in so much crime, the residents are fearful of journalists. That’s why I took on the challenge of sharing some of the valuable, good-hearted stories that these people have to share.

I wrote for three issues during the fall semester and I will share those stories soon. This newsletter is the July 2013 edition and I wrote the Boxcar Press story on page five.

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